bringing the beat...



Hi! We are the KDZ Drummers, and we have a confession to make.

We are addicted to drumming.

Every time we play, we feel more grounded, energized, present and healed.

We want YOU to feel that too!

This is why we lead retreats and drum circles where you can play along with us. We teach you everything you need to know to jam confidently and soak up all the goodness!

Who do we teach?

We teach folks who’ve never touched a drum before and swear they have no rhythm (we like to prove them they’re wrong!), as well as experienced drummers who want to immerse in a group and take their skills to the next level.

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Almost EVERY Saturday… through blizzards, sunshine, holidays, pouring rain, you name it – the highlight of our every week is drumming at Kripalu Center for the Noon Dance class. You come and move your body to our beats. The energy exchange between the drummers and dancers is indescribable.

Some form of KDZ has been drumming for the Noon Dance class for over 30 years. We love it. In the words of Arthur Hull, it’s our ‘rhythm church’.

What’s our flavor?

We love to both compose our own rhythms and play traditional rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean. Sometimes we take a traditional rhythm and we “KuhDeeZee” it. This is our term for giving the song our own flavor (yes, we’re a bunch of goofballs.)

Super fun special events

We have the amazing fortune of drumming with teachers such as Sierra Bender, Shiva Rea, Toni Bergins, Megha Nancy Buttenheim, and we’ve  even supported Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead in leading drum circles. We drum for Kirtans, music festivals, private events, ceremonies, and more. We love to drum.


KDZ: The Kripalu Drummers have been performing together for more than a decade and are based in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts. They play regularly at Kripalu (the name KDZ is an abbreviation of “The Kripalu Drummers(z)”) and at concert performances, drum circles, drum programs, and other events throughout the Northeast. 

KDZ has released two CDs, KDZ Live and Slang Rhythm Speak, both of which feature a healthy mix of tradition and innovation.