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Use our Music

Join Our Team Working on a Yoga, Meditation or Dance product and want to use our Music?  

We’d love to make that easy for you.

We offer our music at an extremely affordable sliding scale cost to any approved project (in some cases FREE).  Take a listen to music from our CD’s, listen to some of our digital products, or sign our mailing list and download some of our free music.

We have our own recording studio, so if you’d like us to help to you add our music to your project for you, we can do that at a discounted rate.

Use our music in 3 easy steps.

1. Fill out this brief form about the project so we can put it through our approval process.

2. Once we notify you of approval via email, we’ll have you fill out a brief agreement form regarding the project, required credits, etc.

3. We’ll send you back the signed form and ask that you send us a copy of your final project!  If you’d like we’ll add you to our website as well.


Get approved.